A Powerful Retail Point of Sale Never Gets Old

From physical to digital products, you can sell anywhere with our retail POS system.

    Unleash the power of your retail store with our robust POS system

    POS software combined with the most modern POS hardware delivers a world-class point of sale solution.

    Sell More With Less Work

    Track Inventory

    Import your existing inventory database in a snap. Once your inventory is in the system, the POS system will track sales to monitor how much stock you have and will make purchase orders automatically when stock is running low.

    Purchase Order Creation

    Set the system to automatically create purchase orders when the system gets to a pre-determined number, so you’ve always got your best sellers in stock.

    Manage Employees

    Keep track of your employees with the time clock that’s built into our system and view an exact breakdown of hours each employee worked and their productivity. User permissions let you control the functions that specific employees are allowed to use.

    More Ways to Create Profit


    Have things slowed down in big-ticket item sales? Creating a layaway plan is a great way to increase those sales by letting customers have greater payment flexibility and sell more.


    If your POS doesn’t have the option for rentals, then you’re missing out on revenue and the opportunity to turn those renters into lifelong customers.


    If part of your business is resales, you know that finding a perfect fit retail POS solution is tough because it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. That’s why our point of sale system comes with the ability to sell, and resale.

    Customize The Customers Experience

    Rewards and Loyalty Programs

    Give your best customers rewards for their continued support. Offer special discounts and personalized promotions based on their purchase history.

    Gift Registry

    Nothing says we care about our clients more than a personalized customer experience. Creating a gift registry for special events like graduations, weddings, or baby showers will keep you in front of mind in your customers’ attention.

    Payment Processing

    Giving your customers as many options to pay increases your sales. So swiping credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, handling secure EMV transactions, Samsung Pay, NFC contactless payments, and gift cards, our retail POS software lets you maximize every opportunity.

    Contactless Payment Processing

    The ultimate in convenience and safety for your business, employees, and customers by eliminating the need for contact.

    Contactless Payments

    Help keep guests and staff safe by avoiding nonessential contact. Our contactless EMV terminals support NFC tap-and-go technology so you can accept credit card payments completely touch-free.

    QR Code Payments

    With the QR code payment option, customers can quickly pay by scanning a unique code using their cell phone camera.

    “A lot of the items we sell, because we deal with a big importer, are on consignment. So, when that individual comes in to get paid at the end of the month, we just run the report on those items, accurately.”

    MarkOwner of Metropolitan Seafood and Gourmet

    Retail Point of Sale Hardware

    What’s in the box?

    Harbortouch Onyx POS System

    A modern design, incredible performance, and a lifetime warranty.

    Receipt Printer

    Super fast printing and tailored receipts.

    Cash Drawer

    Keep your cash safe and secure.

    Credit Card Reader

    Make sure your Retail store always provides secure payments.

    Barcode Scanner

    Make the checkout process quicker with a barcode scanner.


    Make input quick and easy with this keyboard.

    More Point of Sale Hardware Options

    Digital Scale
    If you sell weighted items, our digital scale will make sure sales are accurate.

    Label Printer
    Did the manufacturer not provide a UPC? You can create custom SKUs on demand.

    Customer-Facing Display
    Give your customers a higher level of service and give them insight into their transactions with a customer-facing display

    Mobile Ordering and Payment Solution Included FREE

    SkyTab is an impressive mobile POS solution, that combines the latest in POS hardware technology with easy-to-use software that upgrades your operational efficiency while giving your customer an unequaled experience.

    You Can Do It All With SkyTab
    • Get paid anywhere – delivery, in-store, or curbside.
    • Optimized for mobile ordering makes easy work of orders.
    • Create an email list for future marketing.

    Lighthouse Business Management Software

    Did you know that it costs way more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? Let us help you increase the lifetime value of your customers

    POS Management On The Cloud

    Harbortouch’s LighthouseTM business management system gives you remote access to your retail POS system anytime, anywhere.

    Lighthouse lets you view reports online, update your products remotely, and manage employee schedules from anywhere. Now you can truly work from anywhere you want, when you want.


    Customer Engagement Tools and Brand Management

    Maintaining an online presence is both a powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy for any business — especially for those on a tight budget.

    Manage your online reputation, social media accounts, and easily engage customers with our back-office management tools.

    Point of Sale Reports and Analytics In Real-Time

    Get informed so you can make the best decisions for your business

    Sales Report

    One of the most important reports about your business is the sales report. These reports show you where your money is coming from, and what is not producing.

    Product And Menu Reports

    Know exactly what you have in inventory and what the different costs are. So you can keep track of your costs related to products and inventory.

    Employee Performance Reports

    As one of the greatest expenses in your business, these reports should be thoroughly monitored to review the productivity of your employees.

    Integrate With Third-Party Apps

    We know there is more to your business than just making sales. Third-party applications let you smoothly bridge your point of sale software with other important management tools.

    From accounting and email marketing to employee scheduling, and online ordering, our Marketplace has all the apps you’ll need to successfully manage your business

    POS Installation, Training, and The Support You Need

    Every Shift4 Pos comes with professional installation, detailed training, and 24/7 support to ensure a perfect setup.

    Installation professionals that are certified and experienced get you up and running in no time.

    • In order to give you a superior installation experience, our Certified Technicians are highly trained.
    • To prevent any disruptions to your business, we work around your schedule to complete the installation.

    We get you started with some basic onsite training, and offer in-depth remote training to increase proficiency with your point of sale system.

    • Basic Training – our professional technicians give you a basic overview while installing so you can gain confidence with your system.
    • Remote Training – after the installation, we’ll schedule an advanced training session over the phone that’ll help you learn all of the features of your system

    The retail industry is not 9 to 5 — and neither is our support. Our customer service and technical team are in-house and available 24/7/365.

    • Available 24/7 – operate with confidence knowing you have someone available any time when you have an issue, so it can be resolved quickly.
    • Remote Support – the Shift4 support team can also login remotely to your system to assist whenever you need it

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