Pay-at-the-Table Will Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

SkyTab pay-at-the-table devices offer an unparalleled customer experience and increased efficiency in operations that will turbo boost your business.

Turbocharge Your Business with SkyTab

Benefits of Pay-at-the-Table Point of Sale System

Increased customer interaction

Pay-at-the-table technology lets servers stay in the front-of-house. Staff can make orders, reorder items, split checks, and process payments without having to go back to a stationary point of sale terminal.

Lower card fraud and chargeback liability

Our Pay-at-the-table EMV is the perfect tool to minimize chargebacks, and card fraud while putting more money in your pocket.

Boost tips and decrease turnover

More tips equal happier servers, which means less employee turnover. The SkyTab tableside device prompts guests with custom tip amounts created to support fair tipping practices.

Track customer experience in real-time

Prevent negative online reviews. Let guests rate their dining experience during the payment process so you can resolve any complaints.

Go beyond the table for takeout and delivery

SkyTab isn’t just for pay-at-the-table. Since it’s built with 4G capabilities, you’ll be able to accept payment anywhere, curbside, or even delivery.

Pay-at-the-Table Point of Sale Functions

  • Create orders and reorder items directly.
  • Client-friendly payment interface
  • Receive EMV and NFC payments like Samsung pay.
  • Split checks and add gratuities right at the table.
  • Incorporate a customer satisfaction survey so guests can rate their experience.
  • Expand your marketing database by capturing customer emails.
  • Print receipts using the built-in printer or send e-receipts.
  • Integrates with your Point of Sale System and Lighthouse™ Business Management System.
  • Support curbside takeout, delivery, and more with built-it WiFi and 4G.
  • Advanced hardware devices connected with simple and user-friendly point of sale software.
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