Find the Credit Card Reader That Fits Your Small Business

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Contactless Payment Processing

The ultimate in convenience and safety for your business, employees, and customers by eliminating the need for contact

Standalone Credit Card Reader

The Standalone Credit Card Reader functions as a countertop payment terminal. You’ll be able to process contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay and EMV transactions over an analog telephone line or an ethernet (LAN) connection. It even comes with a built-in receipt printer.

Skytab Solo Wireless Credit Card Reader

The Skytab Solo Wireless Credit Card Reader is a robust mobile credit card processor that can integrate perfectly with our point of sale systems, or be used by itself. It has a large color touchscreen and a built-in printer. This device works over Wi-Fi as well as the 4G cellular signal. You’ll be able to receive mobile acceptance of magstripe, EMV, and NFC transactions.

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