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With the point of sale reports from Harbortouch, you get reports that contain the most important data. Choose from our pre-defined reports or create custom reports and save your favorites for easy lookup.

From A 30,000 foot view to the most detailed

Keeping an eye on your daily sales, both gross and net, as well as how many transactions are happening is crucial for real-time decision-making. As well as knowing the length of time products take to sell, and which ones are the most profitable are just as important to the success of your business the long term. With Harbortouch, you get the best of both worlds.

Simple Inventory Management

Make sure your best-selling items are always in stock so you never miss a sale. Don’t strangle your cash flow with excess inventory that’s going to collect dust. With inventory valuation reports and real-time stock reports, you can know what products are in demand and the ones that aren’t moving at all.

Gain Insight Into Customer Buying Habits

Insight into your customers’ buying patterns is what helps you maximize profits and foster growth. Identifying your new customers from those who are your most loyal ones and knowing how much and how often they are spending lets you tailor their experience and take them through custom marketing campaigns to generate more sales.

Track Employee Performance

As one of the greatest expenses in your business, it’s important to monitor employee performance. This data lets you know how much you have going towards labor costs, run payroll reports, and even who your best-performing employees are.

Stay Informed

Having access to your business regardless of where you are is important. Whether its keeping an eye on sales or even general performance with real-time reports you can access from anywhere at any time.

Practical Reporting and Analytics

Insight you can take action on to grow your business

Sales Reporting

Sales reports provide vital data for any business owner who is serious about their operation. Without these reports, you’ll just be guessing about cash flow, revenue, and the overall financial health of your business.

Sales Reports by Item

These will let you know what is selling, how much profit it produces, and which are the most frequently discounted.

Sales Reports by Department

Get informed on what departments are driving revenue and which ones aren’t.

Profit Margin Report

These reports let you know exactly which products offer the highest profit and which ones are consuming your profits.

Sales Reports by Order Type

Isolating orders by type shows you where you need to focus your energy for growth.

Point of Sale Transaction Report

These reports offer a complete review of all that’s going on at the point of purchase.

Point of Sale Settlement Report

Use these reports to reconcile your credit card processing statements to your point of sale transactions to account for every dollar.

Inventory Reporting

Properly managing your product inventory is essential to your success. Having accurate stock reports helps you maintain a balance between stocked inventory and cash flow.

Inventory Value Assessment

Know the value of how much inventory you have.

Product Sales

Confirm that your sales match up with the stock you have in inventory.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

This report makes sure your expenditures to make the sales don’t go beyond your revenue.

Product Mix Report

Get a clear picture of which items are selling most, not selling at all, and informs you of inventory needs.

Employee Reports

Your staff is an important part of your business, but also one of the greatest expenses. From analyzing labor costs to tracking employee performance, keeping tabs on your employees is vital for the success of your business.

POS Shift Reports (X Report)

Get a complete rundown of transactions and cash handling during their shift.

Payout Reports

Know where every payout went and what it was for with these payout reports.

Labor Cost Reports

It’s important to keep track of labor costs as the minimum wage goes up around the country, this way your labor costs don’t surpass your sales.

Payroll Reporting

From clock-in and clock-out times to payroll hours, our point of sale reports keep you informed.

Sales by Employee

Find out who are your super star employees and which ones aren’t performing.

Customer Point of Sale Reporting

Having insight into your customers’ behavior, buying habits, and what they’re spending money help you drive customer loyalty.

Sales by Customer

Know your most loyal customers from the occasional shoppers.

Customer House Account Balance

This lets you keep track of balances for big-ticket items or have VIP customers that you give an open balance to, this will help you keep track of IOUs.

Loyalty Program Report

Offering loyalty programs help keep customers engaged, as well as let you know which promotions are the most successful.

Customer Special Occasion Reporting

If you really want to make your customer feel special, you’ll want to remember special dates and occasions.

Auditing Reports

Keeping detailed records of how cash moves through your business is the only way you, and Uncle Sam, will know exactly what’s going on with your money.

Tax Details

Keeping track of all the tax rates for your products and services is essential to stay in right standing with the IRS and avoid any costly penalties. You can get a comprehensive rundown of sales tax and revenue classes for seamless reporting.

Till Management And Reporting

Keep track of every discount, void, and transaction that happens at the point of sale and ensure cunning employees aren’t ‘hiding’ money.

Completed Order Reporting

Get all the details of every completed order in real time.

Open Ticket Detail

For deals that are still pending or incomplete, get the details and know when you can expect to close.

Loss Prevention Reports

Retailers lose billions of dollars annually due to theft. Using our systems you can cut the problem at the source.

Audit Trail

Keep a log of activity and improve your fraud detection efforts.

Refund Detail

Knowing how the refund was given to who made the transaction and why, helps you keep an eye out for any red flags.

Void Detail

Voids are an inevitable part of business. But to many voids should make you take a deeper look.

Discount Detail

Prevent discount abuse from unscrupulous managers.

Open-priced Items

Have a lot of miscellaneous or open priced item ring ups could be a concern for fraud.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports

To have a better understanding of your companies performance, you’ll want to be able to generate progress reports and short-term financial snapshots. These also make forecasting decisions more on point, and help in your business’ long-term success.

Point of Sale End of Day Reports (Z Reports)

From end of shift to end of day reports, Harbortouch Point of Sale reports give you all you need.

Financial Comparison Reports

It’s important to take comparisons in your company, whether it’s month over month or year over year, that way you can see how your doing compared to previous periods.

Weekly Key Performance Indicators

Stay on top of your companies KPI’s to stay ahead of the game.

Need a Point of Sale system that can manage not just your business but your brand also?

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Harbortouch and Lighthouse give you:

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  • Monitoring and management of  reviews and online reputation.

Point of Sale Reports For Your Industry

Point of sale systems and their reporting features certainly are not one size fits all situation. That’s why your POS system needs to tailor made for your business.

Point of Sale Reports For Restaurants

Whether you offer fine-dining or fast-casual, takeout, or delivery, our POS software reports for restaurants help you dive into key parameters and offer you real-time, practical, insight into how your business is performing.

Tips and Gratuity Reports

Compare your sales against tips declared to make sure everything add up.

Transferred Tickets Detail

Transferring open tickets to a coworker is a norm in the restaurant and bar industry.  Make sure the details don’t get lost in the mix.

Sales Summary by Order Type

Isolating orders by type shows you where you need to focus your energy for growth.

Modifier Sales Reports

Gaining an understanding of modifier usage, such as how frequently customers choose modifiers, and which ones are the most popular.

Looking for a Point of Sale Software for Restaurants?

From full-service fine-dinning to fast food shops, You’ll find a
point of sale system that will fulfill your restaurant needs with HarborTouch.

Point of Sale Reports for Retail

Not every retail store functions the same. Whether your a high-end boutique or a second hand shop with consignment, you’ll have the data you need to make profitable decisions for your business.

Consignment Reports

If you work with consignment sales, you’ll want to be sure your point of sale software can efficiently manage and report on those sales, income accounts, and payouts.

Layaway Reports

Layaway plans are a great way to entice shoppers to spend more without costing you more. To make it successful, you need to have the right reports.

Employee Commission Report

Using commissions to motivate your team is a great way to get them in action. It’s important that you keep track of commissions and payouts are correct.

Serial Number Reporting

Tracking serial numbers for electronics or firearms in essential in keeping up to date with your inventory.

Point of Sale System For Retail?

Don’t get embarrassed at the point of purchase again. A simple software that is loaded with functionality and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

Point of Sale Reports for Salon

Whether you groom pets or people, having the right point of sale info will help stylists be successful and have customers coming back and making referrals.

Booking and Appointment Reports

Keeping track of bookings and appointments is important to make sure you are setup for success.

Stylist Scheduling

Make sure your chairs and stylist are filled during peak hours.

New Client Report

Find out how many new customers have come in during a specified period of time.

Looking for POS Software For Salon?

The right point of sale system will make you more memorable than your competition.

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