Welcome Online Restaurant Reservations With a Harbortouch POS System

Effortlessly handle your reservations and waitlist right from your POS system.

Manage reservations and wait times in one place

Make booking a table a breeze for your customers. Get a custom link to add to your website for guests to make online reservations 24/7.

Our system for restaurant reservation lets eateries manage all incoming reservations right through the Harbortouch point of sale system or an Apple iPad.

Reservations can be made online or manually entered at the point of sale. Track them all with our simple and user-friendly interface. Setting up is as easy as dragging and dropping so you can get started quickly.

Once set up, you will get:

  • Manage reservations in one place, whether it was made online or manually entered.
  • Comply with social distancing by staggering reservations.
  • Coordinate upcoming reservations using the monthly calendar or view a specific day.
  • Quickly add new reservations and see who is waiting for a table.
  • Table layout view shows which tables are free and which ones are occupied.
  • Guests receive a text message when their table is ready.
  • A user-friendly interface maximizes efficiency
  • Easy drag-and-drop setup makes designing your table layout a piece of cake.

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