Point of Service Features Created to Boost Your Small Business

Run more efficiently and give a better customer experience with everything you need at the right point of sale features.

Point of Sale Software With Industry-Specific Features

POS Features For Restaurants


Giving your customers the option to make reservations online, or if you need to manage your waitlist, with Harbortouch’s restaurant point of sale software, its easy as pie.

Ordering Online

Not only can your customers make reservations online, but they can actually place their orders online as well. Saving both your restaurant and the customers money.

Use Delivery Apps With Your POS System

Combining apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats serve your customers convenience and speed.

Transfer and Split checks

Make it easier than ever to split checks and transfer them to another table or server.

Kitchen Display System (KDS) or Kitchen Printers

Increase efficiency and speed by improving communication between back of house and front of house communication..

Point of Sale Features for Retail

Advanced inventory tracking

Keeping track of products with various characteristics, like size and color, is a breeze.

Controls For Employee Commissions

Record and reward employees for performance during their shift.

Manage Layaway

Get more big-ticket sales by giving customers layaway options.

Manage and Track Consignment

Easily manage your vendors and patrons that have items in consignment.

Point of Sale Features for Salons

Booking online

Let clients make their bookings online 24/7.

Manage Appointments

Managing appointments from one central location with our system is a breeze.

Manage Stylist

Know who is available each day and at what times.

Booth rentals

Manage your independent contractors and booth rentals.

Lighthouse Business Management Software

Our back-office software, Lighthouse Business Management System (LBMS), lets you access your point of sale system anywhere, at any time. With Lighthouse you can generate reports online, manage employees, and make changes to your menu or inventory, all in real-time.

Staff Management

Manage all aspects of employee performance and reduce office work. Whether it’s rewarding your rock star staff with employee commissions and tips, or tracking hours with the built-in time clock, our POS software makes tracking productivity and employee costs a piece of cake.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Did you know that it costs way more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? Let us help you increase the lifetime value of your customers through a customer loyalty program.

Manage Inventory

Import your existing inventory database in a snap. Once your inventory is in the system, the POS system will track sales to monitor how much stock you have and will make purchase orders automatically when stock is running low.

Point of Sale Reports and Analytics In Real-Time

Get informed so you can make the best decisions for your business

Sales Report

One of the most important reports about your business is the sales report. These reports show you where your money is coming from, and what is not producing.

Product And Menu Reports

Know exactly what you have in inventory and what the different costs are. So you can keep track of your costs related to products and inventory.


Employee Performance

As one of the greatest expenses in your business, these reports should be thoroughly monitored to review the productivity of your employees.

Integrate With Third-Party Apps

We know there is more to your business than just making sales. Third-party applications let you smoothly bridge your point of sale software with other important management tools.

From accounting and email marketing to employee scheduling, and online ordering, our Marketplace has all the apps you’ll need to successfully manage your business.

Solutions for Payment Processing

Inventory Management

Regardless of the kind of business you have, clients are going to expect a more sanitary experience from end to end, which means more touch-free options.

All of our credit card devices feature NFC technology for contactless payments, and our original QR Pay lets buyers pay their bill at hotels, retail stores, and restaurants just by scanning a QR code.

Order and Pay at the Table

Servers can create orders and receive payment right at the table using Harbortouch Tableside and SkyTab.

With Tableside, staff can create orders and receive payments right at the table with a purpose-built 10-inch tablet. It comes loaded with an app that mirrors the point of sale software interface and provides a completely mobile POS solution for faster service,  more accurate orders, and a simplified ordering process.


Our SkyTab mobile device makes it easy for take orders and has pay-at-the-table functionality, and perfectly integrates with our restaurant point of sale system for an impressive boost in efficiency and a memorable guest experience. Go beyond the tablt to curbside or delivery with SkyTab and its built-in 4G capabilities.

Online Orders

You can eliminate the need for clients to have their cards in hand and speed up the process by accepting payment online for takeout and delivery orders online.

Gift Card Services

You can select from 50 free, full color, customized cards with a 60-day free trial. Choose from a wide selection of professionally designed templates or create your own cards with your artwork and images.

An easy-to-use online interface guides you to easily pick a template or upload your own image, then customize the cards the way you want.

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