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Dubliner on the Delaware


Harbortouch’s latest software keeps operations running smoothly at this popular Irish pub.

The Cave


As seen on the hit TV show Bar Rescue, see how The Cave Sports Bar saves time and money on inventory with Harbortouch POS.

“Harbortouch gets an A+”

“As a cost-conscious small business, we were naturally concerned about adding expense to our operation. Our first two years of operation with a conventional cash register seemed to be working fine. With each incoming customer, we wrote down their order and stuck it on a ticket rail for processing. The person taking orders at the counter also handled incoming phone orders. But during the lunch rush, when we have a dozen people in line and the phone ringing, we would routinely hit the wall. We were frozen by our slow system. Customers waited. Mistakes were made. It was imperative that we found a better way of processing orders with greater speed and accuracy. We made the switch to Harbortouch and since then, our customer count has grown 10%, our turnaround time for customers is much quicker, and our ordering mistakes have disappeared. Not to mention the inventory tracking, time sheets, and customer support are all top notch. Harbortouch gets an A+!”

Fred F. – The Lunch Lounge – Phoenix, AZ

Metropolitan Seafood


See how this gourmet seafood store uses Harbortouch Checkout to manage sales, track inventory and more.

Trailside Outfitters


See how a Harbortouch Retail POS system has helped Trailside Outfitters manage their sales and inventory.

Moon Dance Wine & Spirits


This liquor store takes advantage of Harbortouch’s inventory tracking and its countless time-saving features.

“We actually wouldn’t be able to be as busy as we are without a POS system;
it enables you to do more business with greater ease.”

Mark D. – Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet

Neworld Cafe


See how Harbortouch improved sales and customer satisfaction at Neworld Café.

Donut Mania


See how Donut Mania uses Harbortouch Echo to manage and track sales.

Turtle Tom’s Ice Cream Shoppe


See how this ice cream shop uses a Harbortouch Echo POS System to run their business.

“I would recommend this product to any small business”

“We are very satisfied thus far with our Harbortouch POS System. It was all programmed before it was sent to us and the people that set it up were very patient and helpful in getting all our inventory and menu items into the proper categories. The system was easy to learn and train with and we have had very few issues. What little confusion we had was explained to us and resolved quickly. I would recommend this product to any small business. As a business just starting out, this part of the process was overwhelming, but Harbortouch made it painless. Thank you to all involved in helping us get on our feet!”

Valerie S., Ballyhoo – West Pittston, PA



See how this ice cream shop uses a Harbortouch Echo POS System to run their business.

Lobo Del Mar


Lobo de Mar utilizes Harbortouch’s robust features to achieve smoother and more efficient operations.

Gino’s East Pizzeria


This famous Chicago pizzeria uses Harbortouch to manage sales and streamline operations.

Fork to Fender


See how Harbortouch Echo POS has helped this restaurant run more efficiently.

“The software was very simple. My servers were able to pick up most of the actions they needed within their first shift.”

James D. – Gino’s East Pizzeria

Jake’s Bar and Grill


Harbortouch has helped this popular restaurant streamline operations while providing excellent support.

Rivals Sports Bar


Harbortouch has helped the owner of Rivals Sports Bar & Nightclub run his business more efficiently.

Bradley’s Pit BBQ


See how Harbortouch improved productivity and sales at Bradley’s Pit BBQ.

“Yes, you can afford one and yes you will love it!”

We were your classic business owners that tried to rely on a $99 cash register to run our business. We have a coffee shop in a small college town in Ohio, and found as we grew that buying a register every other year was getting old. We always dreamed about the cool POS systems but knew we didn’t have the funds… until quite by “accident” one of the Harbortouch reps visited our shop. It was perfect timing and we were ready to listen. The rest is history! Our rep walked us step by step through the paperwork (and answered the millions of questions we had!). She delivered again when the system arrived and spent several weeks working with our staff to learn the system. Harbortouch entered our menu into the system initially and we worked with them as far as details, choices, sizes, etc. When we started to practice on the system, we learned how to add new items and make changes to our menu.

Tech support is always available to fix things or to walk us through a question. They have ALWAYS been kind and encouraging and helpful and ALWAYS knew how to answer my problem, 24/7! The payments are small, the support is amazing, it supports re-loadable gift cards (also offered by Harbortouch), and it gets updated often. Yes, you can afford one and yes you will love it! We have had ours for almost one year and are very thankful.

Diane C. – Beans-N-Cream – Cedarville, OH

“We have continually been impressed with their unparalleled customer service”

When my wife and I were researching POS systems for our new jewelry store, we looked at a variety of options. Harbortouch was the best option for us without question. We found their POS system program to be the perfect fit for us, and were encouraged by their excellent processing rates.

Ever since they installed our system, we have continually been impressed with their unparalleled customer service. Every time we have a question, a knowledgeable and courteous customer service person has been there to answer it. It’s easy to sell someone a POS system or card processing, but it takes a special company to take the time to have polite, well-trained representatives who are willing and able to help. In today’s day and age, they are a welcome assistance to our business (and a bit of a rarity these days).

Simon H. – Simon H., Buckingham Jewelers

“Harbortouch has helped eliminate errors on tickets and streamlined our food stations”

Harbortouch is amazing! It has simplified our restaurant and is so easy to use. When I can’t figure something out for myself, customer service is second to none. They are so quick and efficient! Harbortouch has helped eliminate errors on tickets and streamlined our food stations. Our BBQ restaurant runs even quicker now with our touch-screen POS system. It is definitely an asset to our company!

Cheryl F. – Big Dog’s Smokehouse BBQ

“Their hardware and software have stood the test of time”

Harbortouch has met our expectations and needs from the first day we contacted them through over two years in business. Their customer service team is exceptional. Whenever we’ve had an issue, they’ve worked with us to resolve it quickly, no matter the day or time. If it wasn’t resolvable right away, they persisted until we were totally satisfied with the solution. Not that there’s been that many problems. The hardware and software have stood the test of time. Also, since we got great training, we’re able to do most everything ourselves, which is a win-win for us.

Amanda N. – Overflow Coffee Bar – Chicago, IL

“I have over 20 years experience using POS systems in retail stores and restaurants, and this system has been the easiest to use”

We are extremely satisfied with our Harbortouch POS system. We have received nothing but great service from our initial inquiry through today. The system itself has met every one of our expectations, and is terrific to use. I have over 20 years experience using POS systems in retail stores and restaurants, and this system has been the easiest to use, and more importantly, the easiest to train new employees on. I highly recommend Harbortouch POS systems!

Robert K. – Teodora Caffe – Twin Falls, ID

“The Harbortouch POS system has had a huge impact on my business”

The Harbortouch POS system has had a huge impact on my business. The system is easy to set up and use. We can keep inventory, change and add new menu items and prices with ease and provide quick sales turnaround which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

The speed of approving a credit card transaction takes seconds! We also use the system for tracking employee hours and payroll and sending messages to employees on a daily basis regarding specific duties and news of the day. The customer service staff at Harbortouch is very helpful and always exceeds expectations. I am very pleased with the service and discover new ways each week to make running this business easier with your system.

Ken U. – Kohl’s Frozen Yogurt

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